The true reason for the ‘urgency’ of healthcare legislation

evil-doctorThere’s an interesting discussion called creating a 60mpg healthcare system..It’s an hour long, but it gives deep insight to what reform proponents desire.

Why do they prefer a federal solution over a state solution?

They despise the high profits of insurance companies. Lots of us know that. But you’d never know who else they despise (obama gave a slight indication with his tonsils comment)….Doctors, hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies (we knew that one), to name a few…

This isn’t about health insurance alone, like lots of us may believe. This is about reshaping the delivery of health CARE as well as health insurance.

They disguise their hatred for the wealth of doctors and companies associated with the research, design, and implementation of superior healthcare. Proponents of healthcare reform go to great lengths to convince Americans that their motives are to help our pocketbooks, and improve our health.

An honest question everybody needs to ask themselves regardless of their political preference is, when has any politician wanted to help people more than advance their own self interest?

The architects of the health scare legislation cannot stand not having control over an industry that generates so much revenue for itself.

Lots of people complain about the cost of healthcare. Does anybody value the actual services provided by healthcare? These services are about our health, and ultimately, the length of our lives? How is that worth so little? Moreover, health insurance is not car insurance. Car insurance is basically a ‘just incase’ policy. Health insurance is very different. People who have health insurance generally use health services. So basically, you pay a premium for the option to have a wide selection of access to health services at your disposal.

This whole thing is a calculated scam. Just by having the debate about the cost of healthcare has consequences, and not unintended. The debate has been about cost, cost, cost. Lots of Americans pay up to one eighth of their income on healthcare. So the debate in and of itself has subliminally devalued the cost of these services for too many Americans. People think it’s overpriced. I’m curious what dollar value those people put on the mri that incidentally revealed a spot on their mother’s breast, that lead to the catscan that caught her breast cancer in time to save her life?

Mri, catscan, ultrasound, x-ray, and other vital life saving equipment are not only very expensive devices, they are also expensive to maintain, service, repair, and replace. Is it a crime for the corporations that design and provide these machines to profit? Some may think there should be a limit to how much profit. For those who want to explore that option, what is the limit of profit for saving the lives of millions, daily? If it’s your mother, father, child, brother, or sister’s life, would you not be willing to give every penny in your name to save it?

Proponents of single payer, and government option healthcare believe there is an injustice in profiting from saving millions of lives. The scientific research and engineering invested in healthcare as a whole is irrelevant to them.

Furthermore, innovative technology such as the fancy little 3d ultrasounds we receive when pregnant (or have a clogged artery) are considered unnecessary indulgences of the healthcare system by reform proponents. Various quality of life enhancements such as knee and hip replacements, advanced spinal surgeries, prosthetic replacements of amputated body parts, or motorized wheelchairs to name a few, are also deemed unnecessary indulgences.

The billions of dollars invested in researching and developing cutting edge health related technology is without reference when their contempt focuses on their profits.

The ‘evil’ profitable insurance companies not only invest in and fund research and development of healthcare technology, they also pay for the services provided by the doctors, specialists, and technicians who also profit from the utilization of these state of the art tools. Proponents of reform view this as ‘too much power’. They are intimidated, and frankly jealous of the power pharmaceutical and health insurance companies have. These are the evil corporations who have improved the overall quality of life for millions, and extended the chances of survival for many diseases that were once considered to be death sentences.

Are they really that evil to profit from situations most of us would consider priceless? The only business not intended to profit is the government. The only business that doesn’t mind waste, and running up unmanageable debt is the government. Why on earth would we want to demonize the very industry that has done so much for us for being profitable, and then turn it over to our government?

The only sense of urgency is that the Hugo Chavez statest liberals have never had the super majority they do now. It’s very likely they will lose some seats in the midterm mainly because that usually happens. The midterm election season begins in January. The only sense of urgency is to slide healthcare reform, and cap and trade in before the midterm primary season so that people will forget about it, and hopefully not vote all of them out next November.


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I'm just not in the mood for any more of the crap that is going on in this country. I don't care who is sick of me sounding off about everything taking place right in front of our eyes.. I don't care who is annoyed by all this.. I used to.. But I don't any more. Because if I can get through to, and open the eyes of just one person here, and one person there, I done at least SOMETHING. Our elected officials have played all of us for so long. They take advantage of our obsession of instant gratification. I'm not in the mood for any of that b/s any more...

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  1. Rand Cottrell says :

    Great stuff Jenifer your site is bookmarked. I found you through Facebook if your wondering. Keep it up!

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