Another Terrorist Attack Under President Obama

Jared Lee Loughner is a TERRORIST…..

A terrorist attack occurred in Tucson, Arizona Saturday January 8th, 2011.  Our nation is under attack by various forms of extremists.

Most of the terrorist attacks in America lately have been  committed by people who fit the various profiles of the modern terrorist.

May 2009 Wichita Kansas abortion doctor murdered in church

June 2009 national holocaust museum murder / shooting

May 2009 Little Rock Arkansas military recruitment center shooting

November 5th 2009 Fort Hood massacre

Christmas 2009 Detroit airplane bomber

February 2010 Texas I. R. S. Building airplane attack

April 2010 gulf oil spill- let’s be honest, we all have our doubts about that incident

May 2010 times square bomber

January 2011 Tucson Arizona massacre targeting congressman Gabrielle Giffords

Not to mention plots intercepted by high ranking law enforcement officials, while wikileaks are breaching our security systems.

See all the chaos and pandemsonium permitted by this administration?

The most important question we need to ask ourselves as a nation in 2012 is….
How far is President Obama
willing to jeopardize our safety by continuing to serve, in spite of the incompetence of his entire administration?

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About h1jen1

I'm just not in the mood for any more of the crap that is going on in this country. I don't care who is sick of me sounding off about everything taking place right in front of our eyes.. I don't care who is annoyed by all this.. I used to.. But I don't any more. Because if I can get through to, and open the eyes of just one person here, and one person there, I done at least SOMETHING. Our elected officials have played all of us for so long. They take advantage of our obsession of instant gratification. I'm not in the mood for any of that b/s any more...

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