Originally Posted August 1, 2008

Blogging on here is cool. I blog just to say what I think at that point in time. I know very few people read my blogs past the 3rd sentence, if any. But I don’t blog necessarily for other people to read. I blog because I want to get stuff off my chest that most people are sick of hearing me talk about. Usually poli-tricks.

I look at some of my friends’ blogs occasionally. Most of them are productive, informative blogs.

But some of these assholes make complete fools out of themselves on their blogs. Now some would say that I do as well because I ramble in mine (like I’m starting to right now).

I just find it to be disturbing that SOME people blog on here to brag about their stupid problems. Like cutting themselves. OH HOW COOL. U CUT URSELF. Aren’t you special. U like to feel blood. AWWWWW.. I’m so sorry you poor thing that you’re so lame and desperate for attention that you wanna cut yourself.

I could go on and on, but I’d rather ramble on about other stuff nobody cares about. Atleast I don’t advertise my mental problems on the internet…

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