Happy Columbus Day… my bad.. Happy Discoverers Day

Originally written and posted October 11th, 2009

On October 12th, 2009, Cleveland Schools will be observing ‘discoverers day’ (formerly known as Columbus Day) and all facilities will be closed.
Most people aren’t aware, but there’s a small segment of people in the country who hold serious reservations against Christopher Columbus. Apparently Columbus and his coalition of ‘evil white men’ committed acts of genocide against Native Americans and initiated a ‘European colonization of the new world’.
Perhaps rational people may agree with this notion as well. Fair enough.
It is equally fair to conclude that I am making a big deal out of something pretty stupid.
So given the fact that this is a rather unimportant issue, why then was this such an important issue that administrators of the Cleveland Municipal School District (CMSD) decided to change the name? It is reasonable to assume that this action wasn’t taken simply by the stoke of a pen. It is VERY likely that there was time and effort put into this decision.
So am I REALLY making a big deal out of nothing? Cleveland Schools found it important. Stay with me here.
Now, while the administration of CMSD was giving this issue the time of day, check this out..
As you can see, Cleveland Schools meet THREE out of THIRTY state requirements in educational proficiency among their students. I also took the liberty of researching and concluding that: not only has CMSD consistently produced very poor results, THE CURRENT STANDINGS ARE CONSIDERED TO BE AN IMPROVEMENT from subsequent performance indicators over the past 10 years!!!
So why on God’s green earth would addressing the issue of changing the name of Columbus Day be ANY type of priority for CMSD?
I would be delighted to hear a legitimate answer to THAT specific question..

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