Just When

Originally Posted September 10, 2006

You decide to not think or worry about LOVE…….It finds you. It is the truth, really.
It’s like 2 people have 2 seperate lives, their entire lives. They’ve endured many obstacles, they’ve encountered joy, and tragedies, they’ve lived a life…. Seperate. They live their lives, every day, a new day. They travel the world, or just their city, they cross paths, maybe once, maybe twice, and have no idea. Both people live separate lives,  in separate worlds, pretending to not miss eachother. Pretending so hard to not long for eachother. Just living life on a daily basis, watching the sun come up, and the sun go down, trying desperately not to yearn….. for that touch, that only they can give to eachother.  That tendeness, that only they can share… with eachother….
They try to find eachother from time to time. But always carried the weight of emptiness in their heart, that only they can fill,  for eachother.
At night, they look at the same moon, and secretly send a warm embrace to eachother, uncertain of its destination. Uncertain of how far. Uncertain of how long it will be….. Until the day arrives.
The day that is etched in their soul. The day that their worlds collide, and everything changes. The day that their eyes meet. And can’t pull away. The day that neither anticipated to be THAT DAY. The day that they hear eachother’s voice for the first time, but sounds so familiar. So right. So relieved. So certain. So assuring…. With very little words. Just knowing.   The day that two souls, in 2 different worlds, intertwine….
This is the true definition of love at first sight, which is 100% true. No feeling of settling is ever considered, or felt. No feeling of doubt. Only certainty. That they became a part of eachother, in that moment, that their worlds collided.  When the stars aligned for them to  find eachother. That split second when the entire universe paused, for them to feel eachother. And from that day forward they have eachother’s life, the same life, with eachother. Nothing else will ever feel so right. As that moment, in that day, that their worlds became…. The same world.

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