Our Kids’ Repsonsibilities..

Originally Posted October 10, 2007

So, I love my kids. Can’t picture life without em… But, I am really sorry for putting them in harm’s way by bringing them in the world we live in…

For starters, by the time my kids are in highschool, somebody will have invented bulletproof polo shirts which will end up being standard uniform apparell..

That’s the scariest part.. Every other day there’s a school shooting.. Where the fuck are these kids getting these guns from??? And God knows we all wanna take our kids out of school, and homeshcool em.. But if we did that, we’d have to do it out of a cardboard box.. How could we not work, AND keep a roof over our head??

So that’s the beginning of why I’m sorry for our children…

Now, on to something else nobody EVER thinks about, but truly and honestly should.. We have no idea how we’re going to pay the baby boomer’s social security..So, what’s left for these guys?? How about a big fat NOTHING!!

Currently, we pay $3/gallon of gasoline. How much do you think they’re going to have to pay?

It seems we’ll still be over in the middle east by that point.. But by then, nobody’s gonna enlist.. What if they bring back the draft??

We all hope that the U.S. will always be the high and might super country.. But with 75% of people living obliviously self absorbed lives, nobody would even know how much the government is starting to control us.

Nobody even cares that Russia is trying to start a war with us..Nobody cares.

People are more concerned with the assholes down there in that Jena 6 bullshit, and Britney Spears.

So meanwhile, the people of America turn a blind eye to this shit, and leave all of this up to who?? The most honest and stable organization ever.. The good old government.

Our government can only agree on 1 thing, and that’s that they can’t agree on anything. Our middle class steel workers, and auto workers, police, firmemen, are losing their homes.

But Google’s doing FABULOUS!!!!

Here’s mighty powerful rich America.. On the brink of total devestation. The people of America ‘have too much of their own shit to worry about’, and our enemies are patiently waiting.

To all the people who don’t care about this stuff. You are the reason our country is more vulnerable than it ever was before. Nobody feels enough pride in their country to stand up for what they believe in. Becuase they’re too self ish to even know what they believe in.

Those are the same people who criticize the war in Iraq, and think we should just leave right now. Just go to the wrong county, start more shit than imaginable within it, and then leave..

Oh yeah… wouldn’t that just be smart..Let’s give the terrorists a place to own.. The very place we want to abandon..

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