What Obama thinks of OUR dads… Teachable my ASS..

Originally posted July 29, 2009

This whole ‘beer summit’ charade is the most ‘TEACHABLE’ moment of this entire debacle.

To me, this whole beer with white guys is more insulting than the revealing comment he made about the Cambridge Police. The contempt this man has for middle aged blue collared white men is so apparent. He honestly believes these men are easily appeased with a beer, and some Nascar. He really thinks HE is God, and HE is much smarter that these men..

When Obama was campaigning, he went around drinking beer with white blue collared men trying to win their votes.

He used beer to win the hearts of white men in the beltway, and in other parts of the country, besmirched the likes of those same white beer drinking men to win the hearts of THAT SEGMENT of voters (the elitists).

So to sum this all up. What is telling of this whole ‘beer summit’ is, it PROVES just how elite, and stuck up Obama, and the elite media TRULY ARE. Googling ‘obama beer voters’, reveals Obama, and the rest of his elite friends in the media’s perception of  middle aged middle American white men.

It has been quite bothersome how often beer has been mixed with politics in the past year. It explains PRECISELY how Obama (and the stuck up metrosexual pukes in the media) view stupid drunken hard working white men.

Stimulus Package–    $  787,000,000,000
SCHIP–                           $  35,000,000,000
Omnibus Bill–              $  410,000,000,000
2009 Budget–               $3,500,000,000,000 (that’s trillion)
The look on my 54 year old white, beer drinking police officer father’s face when he heard Obama call the Cambridge Police stupid? –

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