Allowance for our kids…

Originally Posted February 15, 2009

I’m gonna make this quick…
Thanks to our newly elected congress, senate, and president, we just passed a trillion (that’s TRILLION) dollar ‘stimulus’ package.. Out of that trillion dollars, we will all be getting $13 dollars extra on our paychecks each week starting in June! Isn’t that GREAT!!! YEY!!!
The best part is, OUR KIDS get to pay it back!!! DOUBLE YEY!!! My kids were SO happy to hear this!!
So, since they have no choice in this matter, I decided that I will give MY $13 to my kids each week for their allowance (crossing my fingers I actually have a job).. I think it’s only fair, since it’s THEIR money.. Ya know?
So those who elected these people, pat yourself on the back!! I bet some of you had high HOPE of getting another check in the mail this summer.. NOPE!!! ..
We sold our liberty (that’s even a joke any more) and our future for $13 a week!!!

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