Another Terrorist Attack Under President Obama

Jared Lee Loughner is a TERRORIST…..

A terrorist attack occurred in Tucson, Arizona Saturday January 8th, 2011.  Our nation is under attack by various forms of extremists.

Most of the terrorist attacks in America lately have been  committed by people who fit the various profiles of the modern terrorist.

May 2009 Wichita Kansas abortion doctor murdered in church

June 2009 national holocaust museum murder / shooting

May 2009 Little Rock Arkansas military recruitment center shooting

November 5th 2009 Fort Hood massacre

Christmas 2009 Detroit airplane bomber

February 2010 Texas I. R. S. Building airplane attack

April 2010 gulf oil spill- let’s be honest, we all have our doubts about that incident

May 2010 times square bomber

January 2011 Tucson Arizona massacre targeting congressman Gabrielle Giffords

Not to mention plots intercepted by high ranking law enforcement officials, while wikileaks are breaching our security systems.

See all the chaos and pandemsonium permitted by this administration?

The most important question we need to ask ourselves as a nation in 2012 is….
How far is President Obama
willing to jeopardize our safety by continuing to serve, in spite of the incompetence of his entire administration?

How Many Political Appointees?

Director of White House Office of Priority Placement Rebecca Cokley (Hiring Czar) announced that the Obama Administration has brought on 2,700 political appointees. In 8 years, they’re looking to double or triple that number “at least” according to the Director.

It’s hard to tell whether Mrs. Cokley had an eye problem, or if she just couldn’t contain her excitement over this emerging colony being created for the White House’s personal use. Mrs. Cokley gleefully listed an abundance of p0litical appointee opportunities available, noting the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in soon need of a fresh legion of political appointees.

We need the right people in the right places at the right time! How many of you have submitted your resume on We use on a daily basis. It’s our first stop. It currently has 275,000 resumes on it and we hire people, we cold call people from the White House on a daily basis, based on folks who have submitted their resumes on We’re building a bench here

“For the First time in history Presidential Personnel is actually getting out of the White House. We’ve been given a travel budget.  In the last year we were at NAACP’s annual meeting, the National council of La-Raza annual meeting. We’re going throughout the country to find the best people.”

Basically, this group is compiling a list of new minions to add to President Obama’s paid rolodex of troublemakers. They’re traveling the country plucking their favorite tools, stacking the shed.  Any time there’s a problem in any corner of the country, their hand picked convoy of community organizers will be deployed to rectify the situation.

‘Emerging Political Leaders’ was the title of the event at the Annual Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation where White House Personnel Director Cokley made these remarks. To view Mrs. Cokley’s entire speech on C-Span click here, or for the entire event click here.

The THREE Most Imporant Elections of our Lifetimes

Imagine a U.S. Senate with Marco Rubio, Sharon Engle, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Joe Miller, Christine O’Donnell, and Carly Fiorina. If you like the sound of that, check out the Senate Chopping Block of 2012!

≠       Dianne Feinstein (CA)-reliable liberal

≠       Debbie Stabenow (MI)- favors the fairness doctrine (see photo)

Senate Chopping Block

≠       Ben Nelson (NB)- Corn husker kick back,

≠       Sherrod Brown (OH)- an Obama pet

≠       Jim Webb (VA)- fraud

≠       Joe Lieberman (CT)-another fraud

≠       Bernie Sanders (VT)- self described ‘Democratic Socialist’

Red blooded, conservative Americans will take pleasure in Spector-ing these moderates:

≠       Dick Lugar(IN)- unreliable moderate GOP

≠       Olympia Snowe (ME)- traitor

≠       John Ensign (NV)- cheated on his wife

≠       Scott Brown(MA)- if he doesn’t get his act together!

High hopes that the GOP wins the senate in 2010 is clearly not the prize. If true, red blooded, conservative Americans stay involved and actively expand this newly formed, highly energized coalition by clearly defining conservatism, there is hope for the long term. Conservatives need to take the majority in the GOP and not be allured by the smoking mirrors of a GOP majority on Capitol Hill.

I cannot recall a point in time where such an uprising of mostly rational citizens has taken such a vested interest in restoring America’s principles. If we play our cards right and pay extra close attention even more so in the 2012 primaries, we could lay a pretty good foundation for the path most of us would like to see.

Strickland VETOED Law that Removed Deceased From Voting Rolls

Governor Strickland Vetoing the Rule of Law

Four days shy of the bitter one year anniversary of his wife’s death, Cleveland’s powerhouse talk show host Mike Trivissono of WTAM announced he received a vote by mail ballot application from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections…. FOR HIS WIFE!

The next hour, Board of Elections official Jane Platten complained to Triv that their hands were tied and there was nothing they could do because they’re supposedly prohibited from taking anybody off the voting rolls for 2 election years. Another official, Jeff Hastings had the audacity to insist that in no way, shape or form any voter fraud takes place.


Neither one of these officials felt it was worth mentioning that in last year’s budget bill the Ohio Legislature enacted a law that specifically-

‘required the chief health officer of each political subdivision and the Director of Health to file with each county board of elections, at least once each month, the names, dates of birth, dates of death, and residences of all adults who died within the subdivision or within Ohio or another state within such month, and (2) required each county board of elections to use this information to promptly cancel the voter registrations of each deceased elector.’

The provision was VETOED by Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. 

Adding insult to injury, when VETOING this law, Governor Strickland eliminated the provision requiring  county auditors also use the information  to verify whether property was eligible for the senior citizen homestead exemption or the 2.5% rollback in property taxes that applies to owner-occupied residences.

With just over 2 months left until  the election, it’s hard to decide what’s worse of Governor Strickland. The fact that he BLOCKED a law removing dead people from voting rolls thereby preventing widespread fraud, or that he favored shortchanging senior citizens and homeowners? No matter the invalid excuse, this information provides crystal clear insight of the motives and character of Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.

What Does Financial Reform have to do with Partying at the DOJ?

"Is this almost over? I had a pretty rough night"

Shortly after reading parts of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act of 2009 (CFPA), I was absolutely shocked and amazed to learn of  ‘Partying with the Department of Justice’.

For the most part, everything in CFPA smacks of authoritarianism. There are provisions mandating CFPA to regularly community organize in ‘traditionally underserved communities’, while educating consumers on ‘their judgments about the appropriateness of certain financial products’. The more one reads, the more it seems like this agency’s purpose and goal will be monitoring consumers in order to ‘protect’ them from themselves.

One part of the law that I was particularly uncomfortable and a little bit agitated with can be found on page 24 under Section 1022. Authorities—


(1)  DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.–Nothing in this title shall effect the authority of the Department of Justice.

Of the only 2 ‘exceptions’ from this agency’s laws,  The Department of Justice (led by Eric Holder and his criminal operation), and the Securities and Exchange Commission (led by Mary Schapiro, alleged friend of Bernie Madoff) were outlined. Perhaps not being excluded would pose some type of conflict were this law to apply to these agencies. However, it is highly unlikely anything prudent in nature would stem from this administration.

A couple hours later, ‘Party with the DOJ‘ broke and it was just too coincidental, I had to post something about it. As details unravel about the DOJ bashes (only in the alternative media), keep in mind, unlike you and I, the Department of Justice will not be subjected to CFPA’s mandates and restrictions.

Welcome to Obama’s America.

Rules for Radicals: Contact Sponsors of ‘Rise of the New Right’ on MSNBC

Rules for the NEW Radicals..

These are the sponsors of the special ‘Rise of the New Right‘ hosted by Chris Matthews on MSNBC accusing Tea Party members of being terrorists, racists, conspiracy theorists, and militia members.

Leftist radicals use tactics such as boycotting to push forward. However, the subjects they use to boycott and threaten companies typically have very little to no money, and are being paid for their classless intimidation tactics. Our members have the ability to make, or NOT make purchases from these corporations. There is still plenty of competition to choose from.

Let these corporations know that WE are the ones who keep them in business, and WE are standing UP against people who do not respect us.Remind them that WE are educated, credible, respectable members of society who take our purchases seriously and will no longer tolerate any corporation who sponsors a special that insults, and belittles us.

All links labeled ‘Email’ will NOT open your email server. They will link you to these corporations’ contact page in which you can submit your comments.

WE have the ability to influence them to pull their sponsorship of this program’s encore episodes, and possibly MSNBC all together.

1. Starbucks Customer Relations Email (800) 235-2883

2. LensCrafters, Inc. Email (877) 7LENSCRAFTERS


4.CHARLES SCHWAB Email (866) 855-9102

5. NISSAN Email Sponsored TWICE (800) NISSAN-1 (or 800-647-7261)

6. SCIENTOLOGY Email (323) 960 3500

7. M&M’S Email Sponsored TWICE (800) 627-7852

8. PORSCHE Email

9.KRAFT Email (847) 646-5494

10. GE Email Public Affairs/Marketing  (203) 373-2039

11. TIDE Email (800) 879-8433

12. ANCESTRY.COM Email (801) 705-7000
FAX: (801) 705-7001

13. COOL WHIP Email (847) 646-2000      (877) 535-5666

14. ADVIL Email (800) 882-3845

15. BMW Email 3 Commercials (800) 831-1117

16. UNIVERSAL ORLANDO RESORT Email  (407) 363-8000

17. INTEL CORE Email (408) 765-8080

18. MERIT FINANCIAL Email (310) 394-7577

19. BONIVA Email

20. ALLSTATE Email (847) 402-5000

21. GILLETTE Email

22. CENTRUM Email (484) 865-7771     877-CENTRUM


24. PHILLIPS NORELCO Email (800) 243-3050         (800) 235-2883

Cleveland Schools Rate Excellent in ONE Area…Compensation

Cleveland Municipal School District’s General Operating Revenue is $661,224,776, intended for the purpose of educating 47,615 students, equaling $14,582 per pupil. Only 1.69%, or $14,633,942 total revenue is spent on supplies, textbooks, and equipment, equaling $307 per pupil per year. Even less, $8.5 million is used to transport students to and from school. $59.5 million is allocated to ‘other purchased services’ including maintenance, telephones, postage, printing, school bus and computer lease services, legal fees and out of district tuition payments. It takes a little over $16 million to pay for utilities. Together, these basic necessities add up to $2,088 per pupil.

So where does the other $12,493.32 per PUPIL go?

There are 3,583 full time teachers earning an average salary of $65,575 per year, ranking 24th highest of Ohio’s 611 School Districts. Over $70 million goes to administrative costs covering 580 administrators receiving an average annual salary of $70,000. Salaries and benefits of the district’s employees account for nearly 75%, over $494 million of Cleveland Municipal School District’s General Operating Revenue. Of that, 27%, or $127 million is needed to maintain employee benefits including health insurance and retirement benefits.

Seemingly, Cleveland Municipal School teachers and personnel are looked upon more favorably by the community than our own police department. Take the example of the reaction following 2 Cleveland police officers who misidentified a dead body on Interstate 90 for a dear. Citizens were so outraged, rallies were held in an effort to end the careers of those officers. Ultimately they were suspended for 6 months without pay. What if employees of Cleveland’s School District were held to the same standards as the Cleveland Police Department?

Is it so unrealistic to expect the best academic standards in order to compensate for the district’s highly inadequate proportion of revenue funding faculty and staff? Considering 3 out of 4 teachers have more than 10 years experience, shouldn’t they be held to an even higher standard of achievement?

Of 611 school districts in Ohio, Cleveland receives $392,165,824 in state tax revenue (the highest of all districts), $150 million more than Columbus who comes in second (with 4,348 more students).  Despite having 2 months paid vacation, Cleveland teachers have the 2nd highest absentee rate in the entire state. Less than 50% of Cleveland teachers have a master’s degree, ranking 529th statewide, but as previously stated, are the 24th highest paid teachers of Ohio. Cleveland ranks 4th lowest in the amount of core courses being taught by highly qualified teachers.

Less than 20 of 103 schools throughout the district were able to meet 1 state requirement in reading, math, writing, social studies or science. Elementary grades 3-7 rank lowest statewide in all 5 subjects. Cleveland was 1 of only 7 districts in the state who met only 3 of 30 Ohio Standards.  Consequentially, the district has the 5th lowest ACT and 12th lowest SAT scores in the state. Most alarming, Cleveland has the lowest graduation and highest dropout rates in the entire state of Ohio.

Cleveland schools consistently rank bad, worse, and worst in all areas academically. Why is it acceptable the only area Cleveland ranks among the highest is employee compensation?

All facts can be found and verified at the Ohio Department of Education.

Laborers Demanding More Pay for CMSD Employees

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