Originally Posted May 20, 2006

My theory on the overrated, over used term destiny is this. Destiny couldn’t possibly exist because God would have written the book of destiny. If God wrote this book, then why did the first creation of mankind disobey his orders, and proceed to eat the forbidden fruit?? Would a being as pure as God include death, and massacres, and abortion, perversion, and starvation, and diseases, wars, and so on and so forth??? I personally do not think that he would have.

These are all examples of humans making certain choices that lead to these situations. God would rather us be pure like him. And if he ever wrote the book of destiny, we would all be pure. Nowhere in the Bible do they describe a prewritten book of destiny. They do however make reference several times to the Book of Life that records all of the events that occured in our life, and is reviewed, and assessed at the end of this physical life before Him. Why would that book exist if a book of destiny exists??? Even if you saw or read the Divinci code, and no longer believe the Bible to be 100onest, The Davinci Code was made to exploit the events that are said to be covered up. The Book of Life was never mentioned in the DaVinci Code. The Book of Life has never been challenged, by anybody.

The Book of Life exists because of a term overlooked in this life, but not in the one after this. This term is referred to as Accountability. A book of destiny would eliminate a person’s accountability. Why should a person be punished if destiny said that he was going to molest his neighbor’s child??? He was just fulfilling destiny, right??? I know that’s kinda out there. But sometimes it takes the far end of the spectrum to convey the message.

If a book of destiny existed, then freedom would also be eliminated. When I say freedom, I am not referring to the freedom of the land you live in. I am referring to the freedom of who you love, the freedom being honest, the freedom of working hard, the freedom of being selfless, the freedom of having passion, the freedom of being pure, the freedom of appreciation, the freedom of endearment, the freedom of having hatred or rage, the freedom of being dishonest, the freedom of being lazy, the freedom of being selfish the freedom of imposing limitations to justify ignoring your passions, the freedom of being unpure, the freedom to overlook the kindness of others, the freedom of being closed minded. These are all freedoms that cannot be controlled by any government, church, monarchy, or dictatorship. These freedoms come from within. How could the book of destiny have described the way I felt the day I held my son in my arms for the first time?? I am certain I am unable to put into words the emotions I felt at that moment in time. So is this book of destiny an illustrated copy?? How can you paint a picture of an array of  emotions??? Only I could paint that picture.

These emotions determine the individual choices we make on a daily basis. The choices we have to make were not previously made for us. If they were, then why was it so hard for me to decide whether or not to have my first son??? There shouldn’t have been an option for me not to have him. But there was. I had the money to do it. I had lots of reasons why at 16, I was not ready for a child.   We always affirm our decisions. It is very important to affirm our decisions. If we don’t, it is very easy to unchoose our decisions. If destiny existed, then how could we unchoose our decisions?? I have a friend named Carlos. He is a lawyer. He makes alot of money. He lives comfortably (which can be a very dangerous place to be). However, now that he has been successful in becoming a lawyer, why does he want to now become a professor? If it was his destiny to be a lawyer, then why does he want to be a professor? If it was his destiny to be a professor, then why did he become a lawyer???

The reason this is so important is because so many people surrender thier lives to a term (destiny) that doesn’t even exist. Destiny is more used as an excuse more than it’s used to describe personal achievement and fulfillment. Destiny is a person’s excuse to settle for less. Destiny is a person’s excuse to not move forward. Destiny can even cause resentment. Even resentment towards destiny!!! How absurd is that?? To resent a term (destiny) that is non existent??? Destiny is downright dangerous.

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