Is it just me, or does Christmas seem like it just comes sooner and sooner every year? I bet everybody can agree..

And I bet most can agree that Christmas has been more and more secularized year after year. I never gave it much thought before this year..

It all started at my kids’ winter concert. First of all, I was rather apalled that it was titled ‘winter concert’. I mean, ‘holiday concert’ wouldn’t have made me happy. But ‘winter concert’ actually bothered me.

I told the principal that it was unfortunate that the children only sang Frosty the Snowman, and Jingle Bells, and a few other stupid songs I’ve never heard before. I said I wished the children could’ve sang Silent Night, or Joy to the World. I was shocked at how angry she was. In a very condescending tone she replied “we have athiest, and Johovah Witness families that attend our school, and we prefer to be inclusive. We don’t want those families to feel excluded.” Well, she told me, didn’t she..

What bothered me most was how she quicky walked away without giving me a chance to respond. Why was she so angry that I felt excluded? I wanted to tell her that pagans actually celebrate winter, and in all actuality, the concert excluded anybody who doesn’t practice paganism. I just don’t get why she sides with any type of liberal ideology when liberals want to shut down the Charter school she works for.

Also, did anybody know that the true Christian colors for the Christmas season, a.k.a., advent are actually pink, purple and white? I’m not gonna waste my time trying to research where this red and green crap came from.

I see now that there is a serious war against God, and Jesus in America. Took me long enough. I just find it so terribly ironic that as I flip through the tv channels this Christmas season, I find very little, if any Jesus inspired Chrismas programming. I do however find an abundance of documentaries challenging the nativity story, Mary, etc., etc.,. (On that note, I am adding to my boycott list National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel).

I work with a girl who’s faith happens to be Jehovah Witness. I asked her if she would have been offended to hear children sing Silent Night at a concert. She told me absolutely not. She also told me that Jehovah Witnesses are more offended to be the scapegoats of the athiest agenda (not in those words) in America. I asked her why Jehovah Witnesses do not celebrate Christmas, and to my surprise, it wasn’t as crazy a theory as most may think.

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. If you don’t believe in Jesus, and this bothers you, get over it. Most of us are grateful that Jesus was sacrificed for our sins. Somewhere down the line, December 25th became the day we honored the birth of our savior. If Jesus isn’t your savior, all I really have to say to you is good luck.

We have to stop catering to those who do not believe in God or Jesus. They do not cater to us. They have the right to believe in whatever they want. We will never take that right away from them. Our founding fathers shed their blood for their freedom as well.

However, it is equally our right to preserve Christian traditions as we choose. Americans elect representatives. A great majority of the people we have chosen to represent us happen to be Christian.

Most people who do not believe in Jesus, or God hold no resentment to those who publicly do. It’s the few loud voices of opposition that have no problem making the rest of them look bad.

Well, I decided that I’m NOT going to hide my beliefs. I USED to say happy holidays.. But from this point forward, I will proudly say Merry Chirstmas.

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