History Made in 2008. Reality Not as Compelling

Originally Posted November 10, 2008

While the rest of the Obamamania world is in post election eminence, forgive me for stating that Obama’s victory could pose more of a setback for the black populace of America than anybody considers.
We who oppose Barack Obama perceive him to be a lying, cheating, fraudulant scheming elitist counterfeit.
I personally do not find black citizens of America to be fraudulent schemers, or liars and cheaters. With all the buzz about Obama being the first black president of what used to be the ‘free world’, I can’t help but to feel sad for the black community.
It is more than unfortunate millions of black citizens of America chose this man in oblivion to symbolize their triumph; yet is more symbolic of the travesties they have and will continue to encounter in America.
As the election was declared for Obama, millions of black Americans jubilantly exulted in delectation as they cried, and rejoiced for this historic turning point. Networks flooded  television screens presenting party halls across the nation showing black Americans celebrating Barack Obama’s election. Tears of pride, justice, conviction, and victory fell down their cheeks as his candidacy evolved from a hypothesis to absoluteness.
Who would have imagined that only 40 years ago, black Americans were fighting for the right to have a voice? It was absurd 40 short years ago to predict a black man would ever be elected president in this great country.
However, it is equally regrettable that this black man America elected is the most deceitful, deceptive, unamerican, dishonorable president to ever step foot near the White House. Barack Obama lied and cheated his way to this accomplishment.
I certainly hope that the 56 million Obama protestants do not believe the road to success for black Americans involves lying, cheating, and race baiting. I certainly hope that 56 million Obama protestants  know that black Americans are honest, sincere, genuine individuals. Black Americans reserve a great deal of integrity, starkly contrasting who Americans chose to represent black citizens as the President.
Even more, I eagerly anticipate that Barack Obama is the first black president, meaning that there will be many more to follow. I pray that as America witnesses Obama massacre our Constitution, they abstain from holding our great black citizens culpable for Obama’s contemptuousness.
I pray Americans recall accomplishments of the uttermost distinguished black citizens who have shaped our country to be the great nation that it truly is. Historical figures such as Harriet Tubbman, Booker T. Washington, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Clarence Thomas, and Martin Luther King Jr. utilized their strength, honor, and determination to create equality for the rest of the black generations of America. These great people were not ambitious, or expedient. They thought only of others, very much unlike Barack Obama.
Condoleezza Rice would have made a much better first black president. Her accomplishments far outweigh those of Barack Obama. Condoleezza Rice is a substantive inspiration who also happens to have honor, dignity, responsibility, ethic, class, and integrity. Without exploitation, Condoleezza Rice represents citizens of America (black and white) much more than Barack Obama ever would.

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